Integration through work

In the frame of its field of activities, the association Genèveroule offers a favourable space of integration for those who can't approach directly the swiss job market as a result of linguistic difficulties, precarious status, reduced social network or experiences leading sometimes to the breakdown of social ties.

In practice, various jobs requesting certain skills or giving new qualifications to the employees have been set up, simultaneously enabling the proper founctioning of the association and strenghtening the professional knowledge of the beneficiaries, giving them new possibilities to get a stable job. Each employee benefits from a personalized support by our Career counseling and can follow a training programme for a sustainable social and professional integration.

Target audience

  • Asylum seekers (N or F permit)
  • Refugees (F or B permit)
  • Unemployed persons in the frame of measures like the "Programme d'Expérience Professionnelles dans l'Economie sociale et solidaire" (PPE+)
  • Persons in the benefit of a solidarity job (Emploi de Solidarité - EdS)
  • Social welfare recipients
  • Young  job seekers or persons in professional retraining
  • Pre-apprentices

Professional practice
At the reception and in the management of a bike lending/renting site, in the administrative, logistics and computing sections as well as in the mechanical workshop with the coaching of experienced mechanic-trainers. A personalized support is also provided to each employee in the accomplishment of its tasks, according to its needs.

For more information, contact our HR service via e-mail : rh [at] geneveroule [dot] ch or phone : 022 740 14 15

Photo : Sandro Weltin Conseil de l'Europe