Our team

The team of Genèveroule has 9 employees as a permanent staff and more than 200 employees in socioprofessional integration per year : asylum seekers, refugees, social welfare recipients, young job seekers and unemployed people reaching the end of their entitlements.

Laurence Levrat-Pictet, President
Giuliano Broggini, Vice-President
Laurent Cornaglia, Vice-President
Christoph Meier, Treasurer
André Castella, Member
Gina Empson, Member
Christophe Guillaume, Member
Ghislaine Jacquemin, Member
Daniel Suda Lang, Director
Yann Grand, Deputy director and human resources manager
Christiane Fischer, Executive assistant
Eléonore Evéquoz, Rent and loan manager
Alain Panella, Administrative manager
Rémy Genin, Logistics and flying mechanic manager
Gennaro Capuano, Workshop manager
Kamil Cadjler, Mechanic

2 apprentices
36 social welfare recipients - Hospice Général CASS
41 employees in "Emploi de solidarité"
8 employees in a PPE+ mission
5 employees with the status of refugee B
2 employees with the status of refugee F
34 employees with the status of asylum seeker F
79 employees with the status of asylum seeker N
2 interns on training OCE
12 interns in dual professional transition
32 interns "observation et découverte"
1 intern in pretraining AI
3 interns IPT
1 intern pre-HETS
1 intern Transfaire
4 interns Versoix
2 employees collaboratrices-teurs effectuant un travail d'intérêt général mineur
14 civilists
(Cumulated numbers, year 2017)