Our team

The team of Genèveroule has 9 employees as a permanent staff and more than 200 employees in socioprofessional integration per year : asylum seekers, refugees, social welfare recipients, young job seekers and unemployed people reaching the end of their entitlements.

Laurence Levrat-Pictet, President
Giuliano Broggini, Vice-President
Laurent Cornaglia, Vice-President
Christoph Meier, Treasurer
André Castella, Member
Gina Empson, Member
Christophe Guillaume, Member
Ghislaine Jacquemin, Member

2 apprentices
32 social welfare recipients - Hospice Général CASS
37 employees in "Emploi de solidarité"
7 employees in a PPE+ mission
9 employees with the status of refugee B
2 employees with the status of refugee F
49 employees with the status of asylum seeker F
66 employees with the status of asylum seeker N
1 intern on training OCE
10 interns in dual professional transition
35 interns "observation et découverte"
2 voluntary interns
1 intern EPI
1 intern Première ligne
1 intern pre-HETS
1 intern Transfaire
1 Intern Vernier
7 interns Versoix
10 employees "travail d'intérêt général"
4 on-call work (Geneva Bike Tours)
13 civilists
(Cumulated numbers, year 2018)